Photo: Mr. Oura(Left:Designer)/Mr.Kido(Middle:CEO&Clinical Engineer)/Dr. Hara(Right:CMO&Cardiologist)

iDevice, Inc.

 We are developing a respirator mask to prevent pressure injury, which is the most problematic issue in performing non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV). By using a bellows structure in the main body of the mask, we succeeded in securing a sealability almost equal to that of the existing mask with a facial skin pressure of about 1/3 that causes pressure damage.  Furthermore, because the mask itself has a property of being deformed and geometrically adapt facial skin surfaces, the mask fitting and sizing can be simplified.

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Product:javalla - NPPV mask

We plan to sell the product in April, 2022. The product is only available in Japan.

 ① javalla:45,000 JPY


 ② javalla designer's package:90,000 JPY

Company Information

【Company Profile】

 iDevice, Inc.

 Establishment:May 17, 2016.

 CEO:Yuto Kido

    CMO : Masahiko Hara


     Room No.200, 3-3-3 Nishi Miyahara, 

     Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan

     ZIP code 532-0004

     TEL: 06-6319-8756

     FAX: 06-7635-7081

Medical Device Development


 javalla NPPV mask


【Official Partner】

Takashi Kato